Board of Education

Board of Education

Board Members The Board of Education is a policy-making body, within the framework of State law, exercises complete control over the educational and financial affairs of the school district. The board adopts an annual budget, approves all expenditures, employs personnel, hires and evaluates Superintendents and Treasurers, approves curriculum, approves textbooks, approves courses of study, and finally makes decisions on building plans.

The Board of Education is elected by qualified voters who reside within the Edison Local School District.  The Board is made up of five members, each elected to a four-year term.  These terms are staggered to ensure that there will always be experienced individuals serving on the Board.

Board members elect a president and vice-president for one-year terms at their Organizational Meeting in January.  The regular meeting dates for the remainder of the year are also set at the Organizational Meeting.  The Board of Education meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Scheduled Meetings

January 126:00 pmMiddle School
February 206:00 pmMiddle School
March 217:00pmMiddle School
April 166:00pmMiddle School
May 156:00pmElementary School
June 266:00pmElementary School
July 176:00pmElementary School
August 146:00pmElementary School
September 186:00pmElementary School
October 166:00pmElementary School
November 206:00pmHigh School
December 75:30pmMiddle School

Board Members

Matthew McClester Board Member
Mark Suhanic Board Member
John Betts President
William Muthig Vice President
Jeffrey Whitacre Board Member
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